Creation 101 – learn the basics about creation

The course consists of eight lessons from Dr. Gerald Lenner. Each lesson is available as slides with accompanying notes, or just the slides.

After going through the lessons you will have a good understanding of the basics of creation and the issues around evolution.

Each lesson takes about one hour in the classroom but will be quicker reading online. There is much to learn and it is well worth your time to become educated on this controversial subject. Learn a lot!

Lesson # Title Description
1 I Prefer Experimental Science (Just slides) Introduction to creation-evolution.
2 Three Strikes and You’re Out (Just slides) Three fatal defects of the theory of evolution.
3 Darwin’s Impact on Society (Just slides) History and ramifications of evolutionary thought.
4 Genesis and the Bible (Just slides) Creation, the Flood, long age theories, and scriptural references to Genesis chapters 1-11.
5 Origin of Life (Just slides) Basic biology, Miller-Urey experiment, cell structure, left and right handed molecules, DNA, evolutionary predictions for the future.
6 Fossils the Hard Evidence (Just slides) Gaps in the fossil record (missing transitional forms).
7 Early Man (Just slides) Ape-men fossils, the geologic column.
8 Age of the Earth (Just slides) Geological methods, radiometric dating, helium in the atmosphere, halos in rocks point to a young Earth.


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