Three Strikes and You’re Out!

In baseball three strikes against you means you are OUT as a batter. You will not get on base. You will never score a run.

Evolution has many strikes against it, but three of the biggest ones are:

  1. The origin of life from non-living matter – this is a gigantic gap for which evolution has no explanation. All experiments to artificially create life have utterly failed.
  2. The fossil record, which shows fully formed animals and plants without any signs of intermediate forms. Birds have supposedly evolved from reptiles but there is not a single fossil showing a half-scale/half-feather.
  3. Irreducible Complexity – this means that all parts of a complex system need to be in place at the same time in order for the system to be functional. What good is a heart without a circulatory system?

See the full “Three Strikes and You’re Out” presentation.

Image of umpire calling a batter out

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