Top 15 Evidences for God and Creation

The evidence that there really is a God, as revealed in the Christian Bible, and that He is the creator all things is overwhelming, as seen from scientific and everyday observation.

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The top 15 evidences are:

Evidence # Title Description
1 The Bible’s Witness  Were you there? No, only God was!
2 Information  DNA is the blueprint/information for life, information only comes from a mind, never a purely physical process.
3 Formation of First Life  Spontaneous generation is impossible.
4 Design and Beauty of Living Things  The metamorphosis of the Monarch Butterfly cannot be explained by evolution.
5 Second Law of Thermodynamics  Things naturally deteriorate, evolution says the opposite has happened.
6 Irreducible Complexity  All parts of a complex system are needed at the same time and place.
7 Existence of the Universe  Created itself from nothing? Really?? Nothing can never produce something.
8 Fine-tuning of Physics  Inter-related forces are finely balanced.
9 Fine-tuning of Earth for Life  We are at just the right distance from the Sun, the amazing properties of water, etc.
10 Abrupt Appearance in the Fossil Record  The oldest fossils are already fully formed.
11 Human Consciousness  Our mind is more than the brain, human language could never arise from animal grunting.
12 Human Reasoning and Logic  Evolution says we have no free will and are driven solely by chemical reactions in the brain – every person knows this is false.
13 Sexual Reproduction How and why would male and female forms arise?
14 Morality  Our sense of right and wrong could only come from God. Evolution is purely about survival only.
15 Miracles  Many violations of natural law have been recorded by reliable witnesses over the centuries.

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